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How to Make a Profitable Crypto Website

This first blog post is about what our website is, what it offers to visitors and how we made it.
In each part, I share information on what kind of things you should think about when it comes to building profitable crypto websites, the best ways to get the information about the things and skills you need, what free and paid options exist and what solutions I came up with.
I started a blog on how to make profitable crypto websites, for people who have never built a website, or have built but have not yet made it profitable.
This blog post is the first in a series of several blog posts on this topic.

1. Decide what kind of crypto website you want

CryptoSignal: Free trading app for bear market survivors to detect daily dips and bounces.

You have many different options, these are the ones I thought about when I started building crypto websites.
Which of the following you want to offer: crypto news, cryptocurrency prices, information, reviews and your experiences on crypto exchanges, trading strategies, information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, blockchain opportunities for different sectors, best guides for beginners and reviews of crypto mining, mining equipments and the best mining pools.
The best thing would be if you can find an idea that would be useful for many people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and for which a good enough website is not yet available.
For news, you have to decide whether you want to research and produce the news yourself, or deliver expert crypto news from other news services, so that you can filter them first, and also get ready-made crypto-related images on your website, and everyone is happy if you always remember to mention the source of the news.
I ended up making a website offering real-time prices for chosen cryptocurrencies, price changes during the previous hour, day, week, month and year (not easy to find in one place), buy and sell walls for cryptocurrencies today, the previous week / month / three months / six months / year (not easy to find), charts for selected cryptocurrencies and selected crypto exchanges, as well as news from the highest quality crypto news services.

2. Do you want to buy a website or build it yourself

Wealthy Affiliate: Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites.

Using website building platforms is the easiest solution.
There are many good service providers from where you can get ready-made, cool website templates with ready-to-use plugins.
Many times such packages cost money.
If you don't want to put money on ready-made websites that are never unique because many others use the same templates, you can build them yourself. Start learning how to build such websites, or hire coders and developers to build exactly the website you want.
One of the best places to learn about programming and website design is Treehouse.
They offer a one-week free trial and then a low-priced $ 25 / month subscription fee.
The price includes 300+ courses, 278 workshops and 23 topics about learning to code.
If you decide to build the website yourself, instead of the plugins made by someone else you will use the crypto exchange APIs.
There is also a possibility to buy ready-made API crypto comparisons from websites that search real-time data from hundreds of different crypto exchanges and have tested their service for several months and have a lot of paying customers.
An example of a good crypto website is CryptoCompare, there are over 5000 crypto coins and over 200 crypto exchanges, and their APIs have been tested a lot, for example by users because they have over 30,000 subscribers per month.
Another option is to build APIs yourself.
The best places to hire coders to make websites are Indeed and Glassdoor.
I ended up piling up a team where two guys are responsible for crypto and trading ideas, three guys are responsible for coding. Building a website is easy, but testing and maintaining APIs for more than a hundred crypto exchanges take a lot of time and needs a lot of expertise.
We also tested Premium API packages provided by third parties, but they lacked some of the features we needed on our website, and we didn't want to constantly be at the mercy of others if they decide to make changes or even raise the prices.
When the website started to be on a good level, two more guys were responsible for advertising the site.

3. Website name and hosting

Friday, March 8, 2019, GoDaddy changed its logo to GoWomen celebrating International Women's Day and #BalanceForBetter.

The domain name of the website is important and must describe the site, service or company to which you are building the website.
We no longer have the same luxury as it was years ago when you were able to choose a good and short domain name which describes your service perfectly and it was still free.
Now almost all good and short domain names are already reserved.
If they are not in use, they are reserved for sale purposes only.
For example, on GoDaddy you can search for different domain names and it will show you if the domain name is still free and suggests other similar names with prices.
There are also big differences in hosting services and it is important to choose exactly what suits your websites needs.
If you are building a website by buying a finished package, for example, WordPress or Wix, you just need to use a basic hosting service, maybe for a one or a few pages.
If you build a website yourself and use an API there, you need to rent a server.
In the beginning, a shared server is sufficient, but when the size of the website and the number of visitors increases, you need to move to a dedicated server.
For example, CryptoCompare has 300 servers for their website and API to ensure that all customers are sure to receive high-quality, fast, real-time crypto data.
I ended up choosing GoDaddy, after a few negotiations, and they have a service with a very good price/quality ratio.
For the first year, GoDaddy offers good discounts, and if you want, the domain and the entire website can be moved out of GoDaddy after 60 days if you find that you want to switch to another hosting provider.
The domain name is cryptosignal because I think it describes what the site is offering now and in the future, for example, buy and sell signals, signals about price changes and cryptocurrency buy and sell walls.
The domain extension I ended up selecting .rocks because all the other good ones were already in use, and it fits well because of cryptosignal rocks.

4. How to make your website profitable

CryptoCompare: The best free CryptoCurrency price and historical data API for developers.

One option is to sell news or the data that you collect on your website from crypto exchanges.
For example, Cryptofinance sells data collected from crypto exchanges for $ 10 / month and they have over 92,000 subscribers.
Another example is CryptoCompare with 30,000 monthly subscribers, I think their free package is slowly being taken down, and the cheapest API package costs $ 80 / month.
The best example of real-time crypto data sharing service is, of course, the world's cryptocurrency data authority, CoinMarketCap.
They don't tell how many monthly subscribers they have, but their most expensive, business-oriented package costs $ 875 / month.
CoinMarketCap also has a free API package, but it does not contain any historical data.
The strength of CoinMarketCap is a relevant website name, more than one million links from other websites, and their service is really useful.
They have so much useful data and information on every coin that over 5 million people visit the website every day.
The price of the CoinMarketCap website is estimated at 625M by the WorthOfWeb.
Another option to make a website profitable is to put ads on your pages and/or make affiliate deals with for example Amazon.
Best ads or affiliate networks for crypto websites are Coinzilla and Anonymous Ads.
You can sell mining equipment on Amazon.
You can also sell other crypto websites services with an affiliate deal, for example, their API data.
You can contact the small-cap coins teams, and ask if they are interested in promoting their new cryptocurrency project on your website.
You can make an affiliate deal with the crypto exchanges, for example, here's our referral link to the biggest crypto exchange, Binance. If visitors from your website open an account through your link, you will get up to 40% commission from their trading fees (commission starts from 20%).
You can sell crypto wallets, blockchain books, crypto art (paintings, shirts, mugs) on your website as well as tickets for blockchain events.
If your website becomes popular, you can start advertising blockchain jobs, many good employers are willing to pay you a bonus if you find them an employee, the need for skilled blockchain coders and developers is huge.
Google Adsense is profitable but can be tricky to get to a new website.
You can always sell your website, or involve investors and sell a share of the website, get instant money for you to use and in the future share the return with investors.
Investors can also give you good advice on how to make your website even better and become even more popular, include only investors who bring not only their money but also other added value like experience and contacts.
Take two separate salespeople / -group, one for small customers which are a lot, and one for a few big potential advertisers.
Think carefully what is the right amount of affiliate links and ads.
Don't put too many affiliate links and ads on your website, it will take away convenience from the website.
You can start building automatic trading bots for your trading or sell those to other traders.
You can advertise other automated trading bots on your website, such as Cryptohopper, Cryptotrader, and HaasOnline.
In addition to the free content on your website, you can sell info products, PDF files, or put an ebook on your website for users to download, or on Amazon.
You can send emails to potential advertisers and partners where you tell them that you will start keeping a blog about your adventures in the crypto world.
Ask them if they are interested in sponsoring it with, for example, advertisements or affiliate deals.
Here were some examples of which directions your crypto websites can expand.
I started building the website profitable by first taking Amazon affiliates and a few similar advertisers which for example CoinMarketCap uses, i.e, Coinzilla and Anonymous Ads.
When the website starts to make proper profit with those, the next goal is to sell our API, because it has already been built and it works well enough to collect crypto data to our website, but when you start selling the data, it requires immediate maintenance and even more testing, and that costs so it is good to first collect other sources of revenue to cover your costs.
It is also worthwhile to network with other companies/teams working on the same topic, and to work together for mutual benefit, we have done that and we are doing that all the time.

5. Where to advertise your websites

Facebook: Connect with the people who will love your business.

When your website is ready, they need visitors to become popular and turn into a profitable website.
There are many free options to advertise your website, for example, you should just open a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram right away.
Payable options include Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter paid ads.
You can also hire a company to advertise your website, for example, Entireweb or a young developer who provides you with a service that is affordable to finance his/her studies, you can find them here Upwork, Indeed.
Be sure to add Google analytics and Google webmasters tools to your website so you know exactly how many visitors you have, how your web pages can be found in the search engines with the most relevant keywords.
Those are important information for you, and also important for potential advertisers on your website.
So far, I have used free advertising options, when the site continues to grow, next in line is Google Adwords, then Facebook and Twitter paid ads.

6. SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Income School: Project 24 means starting a project to replace your current income with money from passive income websites in 24 months.

Links from external websites to your website are important, they bring visitors, but search engines also take into account links on your pages to other websites, as well as links to other pages of your website.
The title on the website and in the blog are important, they should answer exactly what are the most important topics on the website, as well as what potential customers are looking for in search engines, for example, "Bitcoin Price", or "Best Bitcoin Exchange".
It is good to optimize the names of the images, to also tell exactly what the image shows, and what information visitors are getting from it.
The best thing to do is to make your own images and not to use images that are already on dozens or hundreds of other websites.
Good places for making your own images are for example Smartmockups, PicMonkey, Canva.
Recommended places to Learn SEO skills: Income School, Rankya Digital, Tutorials Point and Hobo SEO Tutorial.
I ended up doing website and search engine optimization with the skills that we already had in our team from building other websites than crypto related, and we all agreed that the most important thing is not external backlinks, proper keywords in your webpages names and titles, page metadata, competitor analysis, or correctly named images.
Even though all those things are really important, still the two most important things are quality content and the convenience of using the website.
When it comes to building profitable websites, quality content combined with convenience wins every time.
Google has developed its search engine to track this issue, for example, in terms of convenience, how long time the visitors spend on the website, if they spend only a little time then it can be that the convenience of the site is not so good.
Google has also put a lot more people into manually exploring the convenience of all websites and they are giving points for that to your website in the search engine results.

7. Set up the website security issues

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

You need to have encrypted websites that your customers' information cannot be captured by third parties.
Many hosting services provide website encryption for free, in others, you can buy it for a year, and there are also free services if you know how to build encryption following their advice, for example, Let's Encrypt.
Let's Encrypt is a good and popular website, it is fairly easy to get a free encryption to your website from there, you can download a robot that does almost all the work for you, as long as you remember to renew it again every 90 days for each domain and subdomain (that also goes quite easily, just using "renew all" -command)
I first bought the website encryption from the hosting service, and when they expired, we built it ourselves.

8. Mobile Optimization

Traversy Media has 660 YouTube videos, 605,000 subscribers and 48,00,000 video views.

In 2018, mobile devices were responsible for more than 52% of the total Internet traffic, five years ago it was 16%, and ten years ago less than 1%, so nowadays it's good to build mobile responsive web pages right from the start.
Many recommend that you first build web pages that look and function well on the mobile because then they look and work well on tablet and desktop also.
Good places to acquire information and skills for mobile optimization are Traversy Media, MOZ, Varvy, and WiderFunnel.
I solved things so that I made the main page 100% mobile optimized, as well as the blog page which we built last.
All other our crypto-related pages have been optimized for mobile devices so that all the tables change on the mobile to be better visible, from a horizontal view to a vertical view and what's not working on mobile is hidden.
Not all the things can work as well on both mobile and large screens, studying this is something you should always spend time on.
As mentioned, the most important thing in SEO (search engine optimization) is to pay attention to the convenience of web pages.
The same applies to mobile users, if the convenience of the pages is not good, the visitors will not come back.

9. Make a blog on your website about yourself and your experience on the subject

The Blog Starter: Helping start blogs since 2002.

My experience in the crypto field up to now is making crypto websites one year, crypto mining two years, and crypto trading for three years.
Twitter account where I shared my trading ideas and my experience with cryptocurrencies has received almost a million impressions a month.
Your blog and website must have Google Adsense and ads already approved, before a large number of visitors arrives.
Blog and images should look good on mobile and desktop, they must be responsive.
You can put a blog on every website you build and start "How to make a website ..." on that topic, your experiences and the best instructions you can give/have received, and from where you got those.
Besides your experience, get information from every place at least for one month, rather more, before starting the blog. The more experience you have, the fewer mistakes you make in the work and on the pages or postings.
Once you've made 100 big blog posts, you know the job better.
Keep a close eye on what blog posts are the most profitable (most visitors and most revenue) and find out what you did on those blog posts correctly and continue to use the same strategy.
You don't have to be a professional to write about how you did something, you can write it from the perspective of how you did it, and write about the information you have received on the subject when you have studied it carefully.
You can be a good blogger, if you have time to study things and follow the topic closely, and keep all the most important and up-to-date information on the subject updated all the time.
And most importantly, you need to like the topic you write on the blog, then keeping a blog doesn't feel like it's a difficult job, and readers will immediately notice it.
On the most profitable blogs, the author is interested in what he/she does, knows about it and is ready to learn more.
Study what other important features are in the best blogs and blog posts.
If you can write about 2500 words in a matter of hours, without looking at any information from anywhere other than your head, you know that you already have the necessary experience on the subject and you can make a blog post about it.
Build the base of the text like that, well-designed headlines and paragraphs, put those together and if you think it makes sense, start collecting the necessary information and checking from the right sources that things are correct in your text.
Format the text for a few days while reviewing the information based on your experience and other sources, but don't spend too much time writing your original blog post.
You can always go back to make updates.
This is true for long blog posts that may be the beginning of a larger blog entity on the same topic.
Short blog posts, updates, and sequels (for example part 18/20) must be done from beginning to the end within a few hours.
Think carefully if you've forgotten something important from the blog post, and whom can you ask for advice.
Feedback is important and you can ask those who know a lot about the topic and whose opinion you appreciate, either before or after the blog post.
All the most respected people in the industry may not respond to your contact, but those who respond, their answers to you may be more valuable than gold (or even crypto!).
It's important that your blog post is original and not copied from anywhere else.
If you borrow important information from somewhere, always remember to mention the source!
Make a really useful blog, and then popularity will follow.
Don't even think about money, but make the blog useful and entertaining, then visitors will come and readers start to share your blog posts to their followers who are interested in the same topic.
Give your blog all that you have.
On my website, I wanted to see quickly when is the best time to buy and sell cryptocurrencies every day, when the price of that coin has dropped or risen significantly over the previous 24/48 hours, that it exceeds the limits on which I want to buy or sell it.
I wanted to see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies price on chosen exchange right now.
My crypto website is now at the point where I am pleased with all the data we can collect using our API with more than 100 different crypto exchanges, of the ten most profitable coin I have chosen based on my studies.
The next step is to move to a faster and better server, now we have two servers, and for example, CryptoCompare uses 300 servers to provide services to its customers.
For mobile optimization I am satisfied, speed is not the very best but it gets better when the server is changed for a better one.
Trading charts can never be really good on the mobile because the screen is so small, a little bit better when you turn the display horizontally, but still the fact is that for proper trading and charts it can only work on a desktop and multiple large screens, or at least on a laptop and a couple of small screens.
The design and fonts of the site must also be improved.
What is the appropriate length for blog posts?
Look at some of the other blogs and bloggers in the industry and try to do better.
If the text is too short, combine it with another blog post or write more about your experience on topic.
If the text is too long, divide it into several smaller blog posts.
Don't use too fine words that only a small number of followers understand.
If you want the blog to be read and shared a lot, it must be bold, out of the ordinary, useful, and give joy, benefit, and ideas to anyone who reads it.
At this moment my website has 23,000 lines of code.
In the following blog posts, I will go through all the code included and why it's needed there.

10. The skills needed to build and maintain these websites

NodeJs is designed to build scalable network applications.

If you only want to focus on making a website profitable, it is fastest to buy website templates and ready-made plugins.
If, on the other hand, you do not want to spend money on it, or at the same time want to develop skills that, after building those websites, are very useful for other jobs also, learn the skills you need for example along with with your current job or studies.
As the saying goes, the coders are the superheroes of the future!

Skills and software needed to build and maintain this site, and links to the best sources:

It takes three months to learn the basics of these skills, three years to learn the skills well, and for the rest of your life to maintain and update your skills.
But it is also rewarding, the first-ever website that you build is a good base for your portfolio, for example, for future employers.
The coders' wages are competitive and there are jobs available for skilled coders now, and even more in the future.
Find the best information about the work and salaries of the coders and developers here Indeed, Glassdoor, and PayScale.

General instructions

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily promote close to 600 MILLION products/services on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required.

For the best result, it is always good to build or hire a team.
You don't have to know how to do all the things by yourself.
When your website is ready, you need to give it time.
Give time to yourself and your team to develop your website even better, give time for potential customers and advertisers to find the new websites.
Don't give up too easily if things don't seem to progress fast at the beginning.
One of the biggest reasons why people do not succeed is that they change too easily what that they want the most, to that what they want right now.
Don't try to be the know-it-all best professional in the world, but try to be a friend to everyone and help others with your experience, that is how you get popularity to your website and you know that you are doing the right thing.
In any case, think about how to get things done right and make the website profitable in the long run, not how you would get it done quickly and make it profitable right now.
Continuously think about what you should still do to make your website better, and blog posts better.
Do your best with the tools you have and always strive to develop your skills, tools and your team.
You may not yet have the best website on the planet, or the finest, or the fastest, but it's your website.
Once you've built your first crypto website, you know the feeling.

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Remember when Facebook didn't exist; Twitter was a sound; the cloud was in the sky; 4G was a parking place; LinkedIn was a prison; applications were what you sent to college; and Skype, for most people, was a typo. -Thomas Friedman

Share this blog post to your followers on Facebook and Twitter if you liked it and if you got some useful information from it or you think it would benefit someone else.
In the future, I'll make more detailed blog posts on each topic separately, how I solved things, where to get the best paid/free information, what are my experiences on every topic and what services/options I recommend.
This blog consists of one opening blog post, ten more detailed posts on every topic, summary, and questions that I have received, and future updates and changes of my findings and other peoples studies.
Second project is to start a blog about "How to make profitable travel website", along with experiences of some of the most popular travel websites, affiliates and travel search engine services, as well as an example of how to get real-time prices of flights, hotels and trips to your website, reviews, and how I made my travel website profitable.
The third blog project will be "How to make a profitable online shop" with the most well-known examples and links to my shop that I built, and how I did it.
The trading web application mentioned on this blog post, and shown on the pictures, is soon available on our website.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

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